Founded in 2008, VECTOR GEOSPATIAL SERVICES PVT LTD is an industry leader in Geospatial and SAP Utility consulting services.

Our operations & headquartered are based in Hyderabad. India, and we have offices in the North America at Edison, New Jersey , Houston, Texas and Peru, South America.

Our GIS service specialists utilize the most pertinent software innovations to provide Utility GIS data mapping( Electric, Water, Gas), Landbase, Cadastre, GIS Data mapping, Asset Data Management, Oil and Gas ( As-Built/DB update), Photogrammetry , LiDar mapping, Natural Resource Management , GIS development.

Our consultancy with a specific focus on the SAP for Utilities Industry provide Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) solutions and highly effective web technology, SAP CRM( Utilities), SAP for Mobile Solutions. SAP &GIS integration.

We work with government and commercial customers, developing alliances with industry partners.