Our technical team has strong background domain experience to meet the needs of today's utility industry.

Electric utility data editing, capturing & attribute validating the network based on stated validation rules.

  • Perform analysis of network data
  • Network clean up as per placement rule
  • Validating the network based on stated validation rules
  • Create an error free electric flow model to use with outage management
  • Develop custom tools and quality control.


We have strong domain expertise in water/wastewater utility. Design and develop data schema for collection of objects, feature classes and attribute defined for water and waste water distribution networks.

We have good understanding of the correct topology rules associated with the water network mapping on creation of Water Mains, Valves, Hydrants, Water Meters, Pressure relief valves, Pump stations, Tanks, which assists us in offering high quality deliveries in short span of time.


Our technical team has background domain experience to meet the needs of today's utility industry.

  • Gas utility data capturing/migration
  • Perform analysis of network data
  • Network clean up as per placement rule
  • Develop custom tools and quality control.


We have strong domain expertise in Utility for Oil& Gas in Pipeline Data & Records Compliance- Pipeline& DB update. Alignment sheets considered "as built" drawings.

The alignment function is used when importing new data to align the new information with the existing information in the databases, and to update existing information when additional or more accurate location data are available. The function is also used in several assessments where data from various other data sources are used in assessments and the data are to be aligned or integrated.

Our data team can accurately convert legacy data from paper files, spreadsheets, or CAD files to your database of record as well as migrate data to PODS Relational, PODS Esri Spatial, or APDM. We accurately aggregate information from survey notebooks, as-built alignment sheets, plant maps, reroutes, abandonments, new construction, and many other sources into a centralized pipeline database giving you important information in one location.

  • Initial baseline assessment plan development and implementation
  • Data gathering, analysis and integration, including a comprehensive listing of the types of data to collect and standard data entry fields


Our specializes in the data conversion (digitization) of Parcel mapping, Impervious surface mapping. Building foot prints for Tax planning, Municipal GIS data mapping, Sanitary sewer, Storm water, and Electrical utility systems, Street centerline.

As part of our quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) program, we utilize a combination of manual and automated validation techniques to ensure the digital data layers meet national mapping standards for horizontal accuracy and attribute values.


VECTOR GEOSPATIAL SERVICES provides interoperable, scalable, and flexible Land Property Information Management (LPIM) solutions and services to the federal and state governments, title and credit services industry, LPIM professionals and governments use for land use planning, land records management and administration, property conveyancing and transactions, and implementation of land policy & reforms.

Creation of large, complex geospatial databases for land registration, feature validation of the remediated parcels, cadastre and land-use planning Development and maintenance of land information systems and solutions.


We provide Aerial triangulation, Planimetric data collection, DEM and Contour generation, mosaicing and orthophoto production.

We provide a complete Aerial Triangulation (AT) including Block set - up, Bridging & Bundle Adjustment. Output can be provided in all the standard formats.

3D Topographic collection, Contours and spot heights can be precisely extracted. Output can be supplied in ASCII or GIS formats.


Our expertise is in LiDar data mapping using TerraSolid, TerraScan tools. We are specializes with Airborne and mobile based LiDar data Processing, Data filtering, classification and extraction and DTM.

  • Vegetation , Land mapping for forestry and land management
  • Digital terrain models (bare earth)
  • Power lines systems , Roads and pipelines Infrastructure
  • Mining, Hydrology, Infrastructure


Land is the most important natural resource on which the country's developmental activities are based. The dependence of community/individuals on land for food, energy, shelter and many other needs for their sustenance depends on the conservation and improvement of the utility of land. Land use and Image processing information is critical for a variety of developmental activities.

Our expertise services
  • Land use / Land cover Mapping
  • Forest Mapping
  • Natural resource mapping
  • Telecom
  • Watershed Management


Asset intensive industries like Oil & Gas, Water, Energy supply, Engineering Construction & Operations, Insurance, Retail market Utilities are keep updating to manage their infrastructure or production networks which are complex and difficult to maintain. Their business needs a unique solution to manage their network of assets. These organizations need to optimize reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety of their networks and infrastructure.

  • As-built drawings, Data Maintenance (Asset & Landbase)
  • Pipeline &Database update
  • Utility Networking
  • ESRI development Services


Vector Geospatial services Pvt. Ltd provides ESRI ArcGIS server( HTML5/JavaScript API), ESRI ArcGIS Online maps development services which are designed to help you maximize the benefit from any project. These services include analysis of a range of requirements including:

  • User
  • Business
  • Functional
  • Non-functional

We will work with you to fully document your requirements and to undertake business process modeling based on best practices. We will work with you to choose effective methods for the collection and collation of the various requirements and we will choose with you an effective method for documentation these processes and communicating these with the subject matter experts.

In summary our requirements management method will assist you

  • Analyze the problem
  • Define the system
  • Manage the scope of the system
  • Refine the system definition
  • Manage changing requirements